What to look for in a charity

There are tons and tons of SUPER charities out there. Many do amazing work to accomplish whatever their goal are. Some not well managed and the money you give just gets wasted. Some are simply frauds. You need to know what to look for in a charity. This should be easy, but in todays world is just isn’t. So, off we go.

If you ask around to several friends or collogues about a certain charity and either no one has heard about it or you get “bad reviews” do a little digging and see what people believe and are saying about it.

Are they registered as a charity:
If a charity is not 501 (c) (3), that tax exempt, this does not mean they are a scam, it may mean they are a new charity. Check the website for this info or call them and ask. Many charities do put weather they are registered or not on their site, but this does not mean it is actually true. Check it out for your self.

What is the purpose of the charity:
Is there a stated purpose for the charity where you want to give? Any charity that is at least trying will have this information in an easy place to find it. Check out the Harnisch Foundation for a great example.

Where are they located:
This might sound weird for some, but if you have a charity registered in the nation of Tonga and the stated goal of the charity is to save polar bears you might want to find out the plan for them to do this before you give.

What is the size of the charity:
If it is a large charity all of the above my be easily answered, but even still do your due diligence and find out. If the charity is small and growing it is super important that you find out how much of your donation if going to the work and how much is going to the administration. Many growing charities do have larger admin costs, but remember admin cost of 35% or more is getting a little on the shady side. You know, just like growing charities, Growth Factor Plus help people to grow an average of 2 to 4 inches in as little as 90 days. That is guaranteed by growth factor plus, so you can buy this all natural growth supplement with out any worry. I did some investigation on growth factor plus and found you can only buy it online. Copy and paste or click this link – http://www.growthfactorplusinfo.com/buy-growth-factor-plus/ – to get all the info on how this all natural supplement can help you actually grow!!

Now you have at least an idea of what to look for in a charity. Thanks for reading.

Sources : http://thehf.org/what-we-do/  | http://www.growthfactorplusinfo.com




Top Sports Charities

top-sports-charietiesI am a huge sports fan thanks to my dad who taught me a lot about things like sportsmanship, playing by the rules, and stepping up to tough challenges. Well, there are tons and tons of people out there that know all about these thing and still need some help to get in to the game. That’s why I wanted to share favorite top sports charities with you.

Challenged Athletes

This has got to be the best of the top sports charities out there. There mission is to help athletes who have psychical disadvantages and don not have access to adaptive sports equipment. Things like mono skis, hand crank bikes, and sports wheelchairs as well as a ton of other equipment.

 Adaptive Sports Access for Wounded Warriors

The ASAWW has a special place in my heart because I am an Army veteran. I was never in combat, but many of my family has been. Anyway I was at their annual event in Colorado Springs and these guys really play for keeps. They train hard and compete even harder. I saw a lot of guys using a natural pre-workout supplement and asked about it. Capsiplex Sport is an all natural supplement that gives you a ton of mental focus. Many guys take it because it is all natural and does not interfere with the medications they are on. I did a little digging in to capsiplex sport and found a ton of information. One of the first sites I found was about the top 3 pre-workout supplement and it had a big capsiplex sport review and a super article entitled does capsiplex sport work. You can read the article about capsiplex sport by clicking here. Anyway, this is for sure one of my top sports charities.

Right to Play

This an awesome organization that helps kids around the world use exercise and sports to over come adversity.

Fresh Air Fund

Ok, so this isn’t exactly a ” top sports charity”, but is an amazing group. It has been around forever and I’m not talking about 50 years forever I am talking like 1877 forever. Getting kids out of NYC out in to the fresh air of the country side is such an awesome thing. Check out FreshAir.org  to find out more.

There are tons of other sports charities out there, but this list is all about my top sports charities. Take some time and run a google search for the top sports charities and make your own list and…GIVE!!! Give either time or money to these great causes.


Non Traditional Charity

give-to-non-traditional-charityA lot of people are worried about giving money to traditional charity organizations and have started giving to many non traditional charity orgs.

You may be asking what I am even taking about? Well, it is fairly simple. There tons and tons of non traditional charity groups out there helping people with really specific causes. An good example can be something like gofundme.com.

Go Fund Me is a site where a person can put up a project, a need, or even a want that they would like to get done through crowd funding. I have looked all over go fund me for people who have real need that maybe they can’t get help through a charity fast enough or maybe they have been reject for a charity for what ever reason.

I have read tons and tons of people asking for help with sick children or other family member who need a little help. I have also read tons and tons of reviews of people getting scammed by some of these people that only say they need help.

If you do find a non traditional charity you want to give to do me a favor and verify the info. All you need to do is contact the person and ask for the name of the hospital and the name of the doctor. If they freely give up that information and you are able to get a hold of the hospital and doctor to ensure they are not full of it, I would tell you to give freely. If when you are searching for a non traditional charity and they don’t want to give you any information about the hospital or doctor’s info my advice would be to drop it and move on.

A great example for me  of giving to a non traditional charity was a an athlete who was going to complete an ironman triathlon at the age of 51. He need support to train up and travel costs. I asked this guy for references and contacted the event staff to see if he had registered. I also contacted a couple of triathlon events that he’d previously competed in to really see if he was serious about competing / finishing the iron man triathlon.

It did all check out and was so happy to see Jim win his age category for the iron man. Jim worked really hard training by using all natural supplements to get his body and mind ready for this huge task. Other than a solid regimen of vitamins he used a pre-work supplement called Capsiplex Sport to get his energy up to where it needed to be. in a message on his progress Jim said “when I decided to buy capsiplex sport to help me in getting ready was the best choice I could have made.” I did some checking to the top 3 pre-workout supplements and sure enough, capsiplex sport was at number one! You can read all about Capsiplex Sport by checking out: http://preworkoutsupplementinfo.com/capsiplex-sport-review/

Anyway make sure if you are going to give to a non traditional charity that you do your research so you don’t get scammed.

Top 3 reasons why you should give to charity

charityThere endless things you can do with the hard earned cash that you have so why not make one of those things giving. I got into charity work simply because it make me fell good, and I like the feeling of giving back. At any rate, here are my three reasons on why you should give to charity.

3. It is easy.
You don’t have to give charity in the traditional sense and what I mean by that is you can always had a someone less fortunate that you a couple of bucks. Giving to big charities is easy if you want to help a specific group, but don’t know how you can do it directly. You can always give to charity be giving up some time at a local food bank or homeless shelter. What I am trying to say giving is EASY.

2. You can help a specific group of people or a cause.
I personally give to save the children. I love helping the kids around the world. These little guys were brought into the world with out any choice and are living a hard life. Maybe you want to help disabled Veterans, help cancer organizations or give to the special Olympics. I have met some AMAZING people who take part in the special Olympics and no matter what will do anything to win. These people train so hard and literally leave everything on the field. I took part in a drive to gather up supplements for those who were competing. We had so many huge donations. Some guy donated 150 bottles of the all natural pre-workout supplement Capsiplex Sport, which is one of the top 3 best pre-work out supplements. When we delivered the supplements the guys went crazy! Learn all about how does capsiplex sport work by clicking the link.

1. It will make you feel good to give.
I have gotten so much joy out helping others, not only by giving cash, but actually trying to make even a little difference. It even makes me feel good to see others feeling good when they give. Like when the guy dropped 150 bottles of Capsiplex sport, I could see in his eyes how exited he was just to give. That look alone made me feel great.

Thanks for reading! Have a super day!